Can’t Decide

my mother



I’ve never been good at making important decisions.  Should we have a winter wedding or summer wedding?  Should I be a teacher or a rugby coach?  Do I want creamy or chunky peanut butter on my sandwich?  I even began seeing a therapist hoping that at last someone would make my life choices for me.  Instead, we spend a lot of time talking about “why I feel like I can’t make decisions,” or “why peanut butter causes me anxiety.”

As I got older, the decisions I had to make became more complicated.  But nothing was as complex or loaded as the decision to have a child.  Was I ready?  When should we start trying? What type of car seat should I get?  Which celebrity should I name her after?  These were not decisions I could make by myself, so I enlisted the advice of experts to help me figure out if I was in fact ready to be in a family way.

I’ve chronicled my indecision in a series of cartoons- I will be posting one a day (for a week).  my uterus