Beauty Tips From A New Mother

Ever wonder how new mothers look so put-together all the time? Here are a few beauty secrets from an expert:


1.) The Smoky Eye: After a night of zero sleep, rub your eyes thoroughly to force them open. Any traces of eye make-up left on your face (even if it is from your nephew’s bar mitzvah two weeks ago) will create a beautiful, natural smoky eye.


2.) Clear Skin: Never underestimate the power of exfoliating.


3.) Rosy Cheeks: Is your baby running a fever? Does your toddler have a charming case of the flu? Hug them tightly and you too can have a rosy, healthy-looking complexion.


4.) Ruby-Red Lips: Who needs lipstick when you can stain your lips (and chin, and fingers) with your toddler’s rapidly-melting cherry ice pop? Slurp it up before it stains your carpet too.


5.) Full Figure: Skip a nursing session with your infant and you too can have a voluptuous (and somewhat lopsided) chest. Ooh la la!


6.) Styled Hair: You may not have noticed that your baby threw up in your hair, but you love how it holds a hairstyle in place. People will be saying, “There’s something about Mommy.”

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